Xavier Nash

Xavier Nash

Xavier Nash - Thumb - Niagara Top Team


Height- 5’9

Preferred Weight Class- 155 Lightweight

Nickname- Spartacus

Birthday- 06 Mar 1991



Next Fight- 

Management – Myelin Athlete Management


How did you begin training MMA? I began training MMA when I was 18. I always had an interest in martial arts growing up and I was huge fan of action movies. I moved around quite a bit growing up, a good portion of the time I lived in small towns where they did not have any martial arts gyms. Once I moved back to Niagara I decided to find a gym to try out and I have been hooked ever since.

Who or what inspires you? I am inspired by the greats, known and unknown, whether its martial arts or any other aspect in life. Pretty much by anything that can make me better for myself or for the people close to me. I try to keep an open mind so that i can learn from anyone, which is why I like this quote, “In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him” Ralph Emerson.

Would you rather win a fight by KO or submission in the first 10 seconds of your fight or the last 10 seconds? If I had to choose between winning a fight in the first 10 seconds or the last 10 second, I would have to go with the last 10 seconds. The first 10 would be awesome, I just feel that after overcoming all the adversities of a challenging fight to put that exclamation mark right at the end would be extremely gratifying.

Striking or grappling? When it come to picking between training in striking and grapping, I pick grappling. I like that you can go 100 percent in live rolls with relatively low risk of injury.

Dogs or cats? I am a Dog person all the way, I’ve met some cool cats but for every cat there’s a cooler dog.

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