Kevin Popowick-Bastien

Kevin Popowick-Bastien


Height- 6’0

Preferred Weight Class- 155 Lightweight

Nickname- K-Pop

Birthday- 16 Oct 1997

Born- Gatineau, QC

Lives- Thorold, ON

Next Fight- 

Management – Ruby Sports & Entertainment


How did you begin training MMA? I started training in kickboxing and the only gym with a ring was an MMA gym. After my first amateur fight, I realized how important training in a ring was, so I signed up.

Who or what inspires you? Chris Prickett inspires me with his post practice speeches!

Who is your hero? Heroes are overrated. But a good role model to try and follow is AJ.

Would you rather win a fight by KO or submission in the first 10 seconds of your fight or the last 10 seconds? I want to win the fight as easily as possible. So most definitely the first 10 seconds and by body shot KO so I won’t hurt my hands.

Where is one place you’ve never visited that you’d like to? I’d like to visit any place that we’re going on a team trip!

Striking or grappling? Whichever hurts the most.

Dogs or cats? I like both but I’m not home enough to own a dog.

What is your dream car? 2005 Shelby GT 500.

Do you have a job outside of fighting, and if so, what? I work at my Dad’s garage whenever I’m back home in Gatineau.

What do you do for fun when you’re not training to fight? I really like cooking and eating food. I Also like looking at food on Instagram.

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