Jasmine Jasudavicius

Jasmine Jasudavicius


Height- 5’7

Preferred Weight Class- 125 Flyweight


Birthday- 01 Mar 1989

Born- St. Catharines, ON

Lives- Thorold, ON

Organization- UFC

Next Fight- 

Management – First Round Management


How did you begin training MMA? I began MMA by going on a trip with Chris (Prickett) to PEI when he was cornering Jason Saggo. After watching their training and enjoying it, I started doing MMA.

Who or what inspires you? I get inspiration from watching the young kids that are falling in love with MMA and changing their lives. Additionally, from everyone that reaches out with positive messages and support.

Who is your hero? I don’t really have a hero. But there’s qualities of many people that I admire.

Would you rather win a fight by KO or submission in the first 10 seconds of your fight or the last 10 seconds? I would love to win by KO in the first 10 seconds. That’s a rush!

Where is one place you’ve never visited that you’d like to? There are many places that I’ve never visited that I would like to, but I really want to do a Safari in Africa.

Striking or grappling? Both striking and grappling.

Dogs or cats? Cats 100%

What is your dream car? I don’t have a dream car.

Do you have a job outside of fighting, and if so, what? I do not have a job outside of MMA. I’m happy to have all my eggs in one basket.

What do you do for fun when you’re not training to fight? I really enjoy cooking.

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