Cody Chovancek

Cody Chovancek


Height- 5’8

Preferred Weight Class- 145/135 Featherweight/Bantamweight

Nickname /

Birthday- 24 Jul 1998

Next Fight- TBA

Management – Ruby Sports & Entertainment


How did you begin training MMA? Growing up my best friend and his 2 brothers were good boxers at a young age. So we were always sparring and watching fights. Been obsessed with martial arts ever since.

Who or what inspires you? Jas, Aaron and Romero inspire me to be the best marital Artist I can be. Watching them put in the work day in and day out. Through the ups and downs, they are a achieving their goals.

Would you rather win a fight by KO or submission in the first 10 seconds of your fight or the last 10 seconds? KO first 10 seconds.

Where is one place you’ve never visited that you’d like to? Australia.

Striking or grappling? Striking.

Dogs or cats? Dogs.

What is your dream car? Ferrari.

Do you have a job outside of fighting, and if so, what? Renos.

What do you do for fun when you’re not training to fight? Fishing @bestfishermanin_mma

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