Clayton Pye

Clayton Pye

Amateur MMA

Height- 5’10

Preferred Weight Class- 185 Middleweight

Nickname- Bear

Birthday- 22 May 1995

Next Fight- 25 Jun 2022 vs Adam Sproule / MFL 22 / Montreal, QC

Management – 


How did you begin training MMA? I’ve been a high level wrestling for 12 years but I started dipping my toes into grappling 3 or 4 years ago while helping NTT MMA fighters improve their wrestling games. During Covid I started working my striking a lot more to kick off my MMA career with NTT.

Who or what inspires you? My teammates and coaches inspire me every practice.

Would you rather win a fight by KO or submission in the first 10 seconds of your fight or the last 10 seconds? Last 10 seconds. Love a challenge.

Where is one place you’ve never visited that you’d like to? Japan.

Striking or grappling? Wrestling.

Dog or cat? Both.

What is your dream car? Smart Car.

Do you have a job outside of fighting, and if so, what? Property manager.

What do you do for fun when you’re not training to fight? Eat.

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