NTT MS Bike Ride

Niagara Top Team Raises Over $6000 for MS Research and Awareness

Niagara Top Team Raises Over $6000 For MS

When Niagara Top Team member Matthew Redmond approached NTT co-owner Chris Prickett with an idea to possibly do some type of fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis, Prickett jumped on the opportunity.

Multiple Sclerosis, or more commonly known as MS, is a progressive disease of the nervous system, something that Redmond’s mother, Judith, as been struggling with for 20 years.

On Sunday, Niagara Top Team members completed a bike ride around the city under the umbrella of the MS Bike Program to raise funds for MS research and awareness.

“We thought it was a great cause and we couldn’t be happier with the turnout and we look forward to continuing to do this as an annual event.” Prickett said.

MS affects different people in different ways and to different degrees, and Redmond says that his mother sometimes loses feeling in her legs and it’s difficult for her to walk.

He added that growing up he would have to sometimes push her in a wheelchair, and that helping her in any way is very important to him.

“Every little bit I can do to help my mom and any others that have Multiple Sclerosis I’ll do my best because my mom has done a lot for me and everyone else and she’s just the nicest lady. Every little bit helps.”

Redmond was initially hoping to raise $3000, but so far that has been more than doubled.

“It keeps climbing. It’s at over $6000 right now so that’s pretty awesome.”

He added that Niagara Top Team has a family environment that he loves.

“They’re just the best people.”

As for his mother’s reaction to the bike ride’s turnout and success, he says that she’s so very grateful for all of the support and is looking forward to next year.

“Honestly, it brought her joy, and seeing her yesterday interacting with everyone it was awesome to see.”

If you would like to donate to this wonderful cause, you can do so by CLICKING HERE